NOTICE, I won’t be dealing with orders until March 1st due to bereavement and sick mother, those orders I already have will be sorted soon as I can, thankyou for your understanding. Kieven and Julie.



These products are not toys and may contain Lead so are dangerous to chew or swallow. Not suitable for children under 15, some modelling skill is required.

Welcome to my  website, hopefully you can find what you are looking for. 

There is a new 15mm War Spanish Succession range, it has been my ambition to refight Blenheim for many many years so will be bringing out all the antagonists for that epic war.

I have  got 2 traditional figure sculptors with a big list of items to do, so keep an eye on new items. As for new vehicles most of our new models are now 3D printed in resin at high resolution. We have a Commercial licence purchased from the original 3D designer.