Mould making and Casting Service

We are not able to take on any new jobs at the moment, too snowed under with contract work, if you just need casting done ie you supply your own moulds we do have some time for that

We provide contract metal casting, using a Nicem casting machine as well as mould making services.

Costs for making 9inch moulds are £85 white mould (good for masters) and £85 for Silicone production moulds, then its £1.50 per complete spin and metal at cost, which at the moment is £34.75 per kilo, metal does fluctuate in price, plus postage at whatever it costs.

There is no VAT to be added either.

You don’t have to have your moulds made by us, we already cast using several other companies moulds 9 and 11 inch, our customers find we are faster and cheaper than some of the larger companies that are about.