Infantry unit 20 figures

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Its what I use in my army for warlord pike and shotte or Beneath the lily banner rules. 12 mixedmusket5 command 3 pike.

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1 review for Infantry unit 20 figures

  1. bob (verified owner)

    Details of the unit are given above but it’s worth looking at the composition. There are twelve musketeers, made up of three poses –firing, loading and at the guard. The other eight figures are three pikemen, two standard bearers, similar to the pikes but with an officer’ sash over their shoulders, a drummer and an officer. Makes an attractive three base unit with two six musketeer sleeves and an eight figure pike and command centre.
    Figures are well sculpted and are cast flash free. More than enough detail for the painter. They fit in with other 20mm ranges. Service was courteous and professional and I was well satisfied. I liked the figures and the service and on the strength of this order I have ordered the starter army.

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